The Trevarthen Story in Wooloowin

The one place in Wooloowin that did have an industrial site was at the corner of Blake and Hunter Street. A & J Joinery operated for over 50 years. Our grandfather, after he retired as the Station Master of Wooloowin Station worked there as he lived only across the street and did not settle into retirement well. He worked there sweeping floors until it closed in 1962.
My father, Ted was working at the Albion Day and Night Pharmacy purchased the land with his employer.

When dad met my mother at a dance at Cloudland, they went on to marry. With wanting to stay close to their families, dad used the money from the sale of the land to purchase their first home next door at 36 Lisson Grove.
After having two children and needing a larger family home, they then purchased Mornington House which is now the hub of Aabon. They kept their first home and redeveloped it and today it is part of Aabon and is called Macquarie. My mother loved Australian history and named it after the explorer. In the following years they purchased the properties around Mornington House. After they both retired from paid employment and travelled for several years, they decided to redevelop all of the properties into what is now known as Aabon Apartments and Motel.

It is very unusual for families to stay in the one place, and even more so that they have created a business that now spans three generations. We hope that you enjoy Aabon and Wooloowin as much as our family has for so many years. If you are wanting to know more about Aabon and Wooloowin, please view our blog on our Facebook page or on our website