Discovering Brisbane Part 2

In my previous blog, I told you about my summer holidays with my family, staying at Aabon. I shared some great Brisbane landmarks to visit, and I let you in on some amazing eateries all within walking distance of the apartments.
Today’s blog features our day trip adventures, which rekindled a lot of fond childhood memories for me.

On our day trips out of the city, we did not go too far. I had heard that Redcliffe, a breezy half hour drive from Aabon apartments had undergone a lot of changes, so we decided to go for an explore. I had always thought that the Radcliffe Peninsula was a sleepy seaside town next to Brisbane. How wrong was I? It is a great mix of old and new, with fantastic bike and walking pathways boasting lots to see along the way. We spent the afternoon strolling around the Esplanade shops, and stopped in at the iconic Bee Gee’s Way. This unique walkway pays tribute to the world famous trio, and features statues and a multimedia representation of their career highlights. There’s rare interviews and footage that can be enjoyed by everyone, for free!
Possibly to avoid hearing me belt out any more Bee Gees hits at the top of my voice, my eldest son and brave nephew booked themselves in for a skydiving experience with Skydive Brisbane.
The less enthusiastic members of our group waited for them next door at the Ambassador of Redcliffe. It was a pleasure to be able to sit and chat for a couple of hours and watch the world go by while waiting for the intrepid adventurers. The Ambassador is a classic Australian hotel, and boasts some lovely seaside views, all to be enjoyed from the safety of firm ground! The scenery may not have compared to the views experienced by my skydiving family members, who said they would try and spot Aabon apartments from the air!

A place that I have great childhood memories of, and one that I wanted to share with my family, is Bribie Island. It’s a bit over an hour’s drive from Aabon, so perfect for a day away from the bustle of the city. We divided our day between both sides of the island, but first stopped in at the Bongaree Museum and learned quite a few things about the history of the island.
Back in the day, my family had an old fisherman’s shack in Bongaree and I just had to drive past. It was like time had stood still, nothing had changed. Memories of many adventures instantaneously flooded back. The kids and I rented surf skis and paddleboards and had lots of fun. It was much less challenging that I thought it would be, though my muscles were a bit sore that night!

We also went to the markets and had ice cream and coffee at Scoopy’s. I couldn’t believe it was still there, and still as good as I remembered.
When we ventured to the surf side of the island, we hit the beach. The waves were not huge but enough that we could happily body surf. I was very happy to bask in the rays and keep going in for dips, whilst the rest of crew stayed in the water the whole time.
Bribie Island has a great family feeling and we look forward to going back.

Eventually, all good things had to come to an end, and after two weeks of having a ‘day trip’ vacation the family went home to Ingham, and my nephew returned to England.

Well, it seems that I’ve reminisced enough for one blog post. Hopefully it has provided you with some destinations to visit when you’re next staying at Aabon Apartments.